Squeezable Dinosaur Egg Stress Relief Toy - Fun & Soothing To Use

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Sometimes, when life has you stressed you just need to squeeze it out!

This amazing little stress-relief ball is made from TPR material, is eco-friendly, and non-toxic. It's safe for the whole family and the planet!

Just give it a little squeeze whenever you are feeling stressed, have restless hands, or are anxious.

This ball is very easy to clean. A damp cloth will do the trick!

When you squeeze the toy, a fun little dinosaur pops out of the egg! It's really cute and kids love it. Not only does this toy relieve stress but it makes a great gift, too. Perfect for ages 3 and up.


Cool stress ball is made of TPR material, eco-friendly and non-toxic.
No matter where you are, squeezing is always part of the plan.
Relieve stress and reduce appetite with New Anti Stress Balls!
Squeeze it when you're stressed out to help relieve stress and tension. Great for anyone suffering from anxiety, restless hands.
Perfect gift for your friends, its fans or yourself to relax.

 Material: TPR
 Color: Random Color
 Diameter: 6.5cm (approx.)

— 1 X Squeezable Dinosaur Egg Stress Relief Toy

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