Heated Eyelash Curler - Cute, Curly Lashes In Seconds

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Our one-of-a-kind eyelash curler uses heat to keep your eyelashes curly and magnificent!

Our curler never causes clumping, tugging, or damage to your lashes. You never have to worry about burning or pinching your lids, either! No that our heated curler is 100% safe and easy to use.

When it comes to our heated eyelash curler, our goal is to help you feel confident and enhance your already pretty features. Curly eyelashes give a boost to how your mascara looks, too! You'll be excited with the results of this amazing eyelash curler.



 Equipped with 2 heating panels
 Designed to be gentle on the lashes and eyelids and not cause any damage
 100% safe to use
 Comfortable and won't cause any pain during use
 Stylish design and easy to travel with
 Curls last all day!

 Material: Aluminum
 Size: 14 * 1.5 * 1.5cm
 Power Source: Dry Battery

— 1 X Heated Eyelash Curler

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