Cat Self-cleaning Toothbrush - Kitty Thinks It's A Fun Toy

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Cats are very temperamental animals!

Ina purrrfect world thy'd allow you to clean their teeth, but we don't live in that sort of world. Instead of risking your hand getting bitten, hand over this amazing toothbrush toy for your cat to gnaw on!

This toy is amazing! Your cat thinks it is all fun and games but you know the truth! With every chew, the toy effectively cleans your kitty's teeth and gums.

Cat's Love It: This amazing self-cleaning toothbrush/toy can be loaded with catnip so that you kitty will enjoy chewing on it all the more

Cleans Teeth & Massages Gums: Silicone nubs and nodes clean your cat's teeth and stimulate their gums for the the ultimate in feline dental health

Deters Boredom: The catnip reduces your pet's anxiety levels while the chewing of the toy helps your cat overcome boredom

Easy To Refill: Just a insert catnip pod into the toothbrush toy and that's it!

Easy To Clean: Rinse under hot tap water, dry, and reuse!

Heavy-duty Design: Premium soft but durable silicone material that won't tear, rip, or breakdown

 Material: Silicone
 Style: Chew Cat Toy
 Size: 6.85" x 1.06" (17.4cm x 2.7cm)

— 1 X Cat Self-Cleaning Toothbrush - With Catnip Inside

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