Electric Wire Cable Threading Device - Safe & Effective

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It's safe, effective, and very easy to use.

Unlike fiberglass wire, this tool is flexible and won't break or bend like steel fish tape.

It'll also never curl up on you! Our threading device is made with strong traction, high-quality materials, and resistance to high temperatures.

360°Available Head Wheel: The head wheel can turn a full 360 degrees! This allows it to easily work it's way through twists, turns, and bends without breaking. The unique connection technology ensures the device is durable and built-strong.

Wide Application: Great for telecom, electrical wire, wall, floor conduit, and other wiring installations. Elastic, flexible, and long-lasting!

 Color: Red + Black.
 Material: Metal, steel wire.
 Weight: 170g (5m) / 280g (10m) / 510g(15m) / 650g (20m) / 1450g (50m).

— 1 X Electrician Wire Cable Threading Device

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