Aluminum Alloy Tri-Square Ruler

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Tri-Square, Meter Square, Protractor, Line Scriber & Saw Guide All In One Tool

This amazing Aluminum Alloy Tri-Square Ruler makes your work so much easier!

Use it for roofing, framing, woodworking, and so much more!

It's made from high-quality aluminum that's made to last and has both Metric & Imperial Measurements.



Great For Framing, Roofing, Building & Remodeling Projects
 Features a protractor scale 0-90 Celsius
 Ideal for all building and remodeling projects
 Use as saw guide for angle measurements and cuts
 Lipped Edge For Secure Locating
 Also useful for hobbyists, home builders, manufacturers, DIYers & artists
 Strong cast aluminum body with clear, embossed imperial graduations and common rafter conversion table

 Material: Aluminum
 Size: 12" / 300mm
 Color: Black

— 1 X Aluminum Alloy Tri-Square Ruler

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