Baby Walker Harness - Fun, Safe, & Supportive

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When your little one is ready to walk but hasn't quite mastered the skill yet, our baby walking harness can help!

The harness fits snugly and comfortably around your baby and extends upward to an ergonomic handle for you to hold onto. It's a wonderful way to help your baby begin to walk. You'll love all the adventures and exploring you'll do with your baby!

 Helps baby learn how to walk, safely
 Keeps baby from falling
 Very easy to put on and take off
 No stress or strain on parent's back and arms
 Comfortable for your little one
 Adjustable buckle strap
 Easy to wash and keep clean

 Material: Polyester
 Age Range: 13-18 months
 Pattern Type: Cartoon
 Product Categories: The lost package/belt

— 1 X Baby Walker Harness

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