Extreme Heat Resistant Bbq Gloves

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Anyone that has ever gotten burnt while BBQing on the grill, flipping burgers on the stove, or roasting hot dogs over an open flame will tell you that it wasn't a good time.

These amazing heat resistant gloves won't let you down! They offer the ultimate protection against heat.

Appearance: Flame/BBQ pattern (customizable Logo and pattern), bright, bold colors

Material: layer of Aramid + environmental protection silicone + cotton/polyester/cotton, can be exposed to 932°F(500°C) high temperatures, wear-resistant, anti-slip material.

Process: Double layer knitting, excellent heat insulation effect and heat dissipation function. Hook design (suspension device) makes storing easy and convenient, saves space and equipped with anti-microbial properties.

Made with durable material: Double-sided point glue and high temperature and environmental protection silica gel, excellent anti-skid performance, amazing design and look, easy to clean, can be used in front and back as rotating the gloves extends their life.

 Highly resistant to hot temps, anti-skid material, wear-and-tear resistant, elastic, fast heat dissipation, double-sided use

 Dimensions: 13.5" x 6.2" (Long X Palm Width )
 Item Weight: 130g
 Material: Aramid 1313
 Size: One Size Fits All
 Can be used: Kitchen, Fireplace, Grilling, Oven, Cooking, Baking, Industry, Microwave

— 1 X Pair Of Gloves

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