Full Body Heated Massager For Bed - Truck Bed - Chair Massager - Massage for Back Pain With Heat

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The full body massager mat or bed is designed  with high-density provides you with superior comfort and great pressure relief. FLEXIBLE and FOLDABLE - the massage cushion with flexible and foldable design work fine on the bed, couch, recliner, chair and floor, and can be folded easily for transport and storage.

  •  There are 9 massage heads
  •  Airbag jacking massage
  •  Carbon fiber hot compress
  •  Multi part synchronous massage
  •  9 mode selection
  •  9 gear force adjustment
  •  3 gear timing adjustment
  •  Whole body wave vibration massage
  •  Foldable storage

1. There are 20 heads and neck massage heads

2.10 body massage heads

3. Kneading + vibration + hot compress + moxibustion

4. Carbon fiber hot compress + infrared warm

5. Multi part synchronous massage

5.9 mode selection

6.9 gear force adjustment

7.3 gear timing adjustment

8. Whole body wave vibration massage

9. Foldable storage

10. Short plush skin friendly fabric

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