Heated Blanket - Electric Heated Throw Blankets

Size: 150*70cm/59x27.5inch
Sale price$59.99


Keeping yourself nice & warm in the cold winter months is super crucial when it comes to keeping yourself safe & healthy. Our Portable Electric USB Heated Throw Blanket makes it super convenient to stay warm during the brutal winter.The heated blanket cuddles you warmly while heating rapidly with 3 optional levels and provide maximum comfort to combat cold weather.

Buildcup electric throw blanket is perfect for you! you can us it in your bed for sleeping for you and your kids and us it when you watch movies, also you can us it in your car and your office. 

Buildcup Heated Blanket

 Washable fabric materials helps maintain the hygienic and soft use

 Low power consumption

 Adjustable temperature

 Warm and cozy


 automatic power-off protection

Other brands

x Not safe

x Poor quality

x Does not stay warm

x Not Adjustable 

Package included:
1 x Electric Blanket
1 x Controller

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