Heated Gloves Winter- Waterproof & Snowproof Electric Gloves For Men and Women

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Having your hands exposed to the cold is verry Uncomfortable. Imagine keeping your hands cozy and warm while working outside, skiing, fishing, building a snowman , snowboard. For your work in your truck, just Keep your hands warm and cozy while outside in the cold!

Heated gloves use FAR infrared heating and heat reflective technology to deliver hours of heat and comfort. The gloves allow you to stay warming and enjoy outdoor winter activities longer than ever before.

 Rapid Heating: Imported high-efficiency composite carbon fiber heating wire, high heating temperature, rapid heating, long service life, folding resistance, safe and reliable.
 User-friendly Design: Finger touch, can play mobile phone, make and receive calls while wearing gloves, very user-friendly design. Fingers and the back of the hand can heat up, warmer than many gloves on the market that only heat the hand back.
 3 Temperature Levels: Hold 3 seconds to start or close. 3 temperature levels, red high temperature 40-45℃, white medium temperature 35-40℃, blue low temperature 30-35℃.
 Battery Powered: Use 2 3.7V 4000 mAh lithium batteries. Put battery into zipper pocket on the back of the glove and plug in the pocket, then press 3 seconds to turn on the smart switch on the hand back.
 Wide Application: Suitable for various outdoor sports, such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, running, horse riding, skiing, rock climbing, driving, etc.

Name: Electric Heating Gloves
Specification: battery box type/battery type
Material: nylon + cotton
Lithium battery: 4000 mAh
Battery box type: 3 1.5V batteries
Features: waterproof, warm, non-slip touch screen
Temperature: about 45 degrees Celsius
Warm keeping time: constant temperature about 3-6 hours


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