Inverted Drinking Machine - Keeps Soda Pop Forever Fizzy

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It helps your soda retain its glorious fizz! All you have to do is twist the dispenser on top of your plastic 2-liter bottle, flip it upside down, and dispense! It's really that easy.

Never fear! The base at the mouth of the bottle is always securely tightened so no soda pop will ever leak out. You can place the dispenser and bottle on any hard surface. This product is made from high-quality plastic and is super easy to use.

 When using, first reverse the product, the mouth of the base is aligned with the mouth of the beverage bottle, and tighten tightly!Then reverse the drink and put it on the table!
 If it is soda, just use the handle to release the drink when you use it! If you don't have a gas drink, you need to press the bottle to make it out of the drink!
 This product is suitable for carbonated drinks, after the completion of half a bottle of cola. The pressure inside the bottle will be less. At this time, it can be used normally by shaking gently.
 With a hole to combine with the mouth of the coke bottle
 With a switch valve, easy to operate
 Lightweight and portable, suitable for use at home, office or camping
 Washable and reusable.

 Material: ABS
 Color : Red
 Dimension (Base Dia. x H): Approx. 4 x 6 inch / 10 x 15 cm

— 1 X Inverted Drink Faucet

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